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Baby Lucas | Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

As a Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer there are times when it feels as if your heart could not expand anymore from all the love and snuggles you get from photographing newborns, but every once in a while there is a shoot you have been dreaming about that becomes a reality and you just can not contain your excitement. That is exactly how I felt with this little bundle of joy named Lucas. Everyone meet the most adorable nephew a girl could have. To state that I am exponentially in love with this little man is an understatement.

See that beautiful lady with the gorgeous red hair? I’m sure you remember her from our snow maternity shoot. I have known her for about fourteen years now. We are so close we are practically sisters. Daddy on the right is super cool also, and works as a photographer and photo designer. The talent he has in Photoshop blows my mind. Daddy is also very tall, and has very strong features, so we thought what a perfect time to showcase baby Lucas’s size next to daddy’s hands in a dramatic black and white imagery.

I am a sucker for a good nursery theme, and Baby Lucas’s theme was woodland creatures so we did a lot of neutrals and greens with furry friends to accomplish his theme.

Let’s talk about jealousy. Look at those extremely long eyelashes. That is the kind of eyelashes that us ladies pay good money for. Mom and Dad are going to need a lot of luck to keep girls away that is for sure.


Three sets of stunning eyes, and souls. I am very proud to introduce the daughters of BJP. My girls could not wait for this photo shoot to happen because they knew they could get in all of the Lucas snuggles they wanted. My girls, I must say are totally photographer’s kids; they knew when to smile, where to put their hands, and exactly where to give those kisses. This mama was pretty proud because well sometimes getting your own kids to listen to you doesn’t always work out, but they pleasantly surprised me. These girls will fiercely protect him; that is very clear.

Brown Wrap: Dolly Priss

Stuffed Owl: Wooley Dreams 

Braided Stuffer: Rockarooz

Orange Romper: Rockarooz