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          Baby Tristan | Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

As a Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer you come to learn that many families have certain desires of the heart that they want to see in their photographs, and baby Tristan’s family sought out a love for all things Christmas themed. When you have a newborn baby around Christmas time it is pretty incredible because you get the best sleepy shots that theme around waiting up for Santa. This shoot was very near and dear to my heart because don’t we all have fond memories of wearing pajamas and going to bed early in anticipation for Christmas morning? Excuse me look at those precious Christmas Pajamas!

Fair warning; the spirit of the season will truly touch your heart with this session.

This photo shoot was especially fun, because if you’ll notice in the above pictures that Tristan has quite the spunky personality, and you can see it in all the small details of his mouth smirking and constantly smiling.

Not only can you do Christmas themed shots but winter babies also get bundled up in warm swaddles and adorable fuzzy little friends come out to be cuddled with. Also around winter time natural overcast and sometimes even fog occurs and some of the most angelic lighting can occur. Look at how soft and airy this dreamy baby is.

Ok Ok, enough of the Christmas; because I am a Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer, I absolutely have to get the quintessential classic newborn pose images. When you are a parent you try your hardest to not let time pass you by quickly, and that is why minimal clothing covering photos of your baby is so important. Look at all of those details. Tiny hands, tiny feet, perfect arms, and all facial features must be captured and frozen in time. Don’t forget we also have to get mom and dad together holding their special little gift that was delivered to them.


Christmas Jammies by Sew Perfect Props

Santa Hat by Rockarooz

Red Wrap by Rockarooz

Green Wrap by Rockarooz

 Green Backdrop by Rockarooz