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But first, why babies?

It’s simple: WE LOVE BABIES. This is such a fleeting time and it becomes such a blur in those first 2 months.  Santa Clarita Newborn PhotographerTo be able to provide a family with images that will forever hang in their homes, is something that is personal and means an incredible amount to me. I wish I had images like these of my two children. Babies are also so peaceful for me. When I’m working with them I am truly in my happy place chatting with parents and rocking a little one to sleep. There’s no other experience like it, especially when you reveal the images to their parents and see how happy they are to have these forever. There’s no other job I’d want to do and the fact that I can provide for my own family while doing it, is even more rewarding.

I’ve surrounded myself with a team that is here to make sure your images are timeless and memorable, because we know how quickly those moments pass and how hard they are to remember. We are all moms and have been there too!

About Me, Owner and Principal Photographer, Megan

I’m a wife, daughter, mom of two silly, fun, and crazy little girls, a Disney lover who enjoys wine, a foodie that loves to travel, a gal that loves all things vintage, floral, and rustic, a coffee-obsessed, acoustic and live music loving artist. My mind never calms, I’m always looking for something to create. It makes me thrive and makes me happy.

I’ve had a strong interest in cameras since I was a little girl and I’ve always been more of the “artsy” type. I’m horrible with numbers and would rather craft, scrapbook, or design all day long before sitting and crunching numbers. In around 2003-2004 I began to get a strong interest in Travel Photography and began taking big trips or just day trips to just shoot what I thought was pretty. I did that for years and even sold some of my images online and to clients. In 2013 BJP was officially born and I began taking on clients as a second source of income while my husband was in school. I never imagined it would be where it is today, and I have so many hopes and dreams for the future!


BJP Lead Assistant, Blogger, and Premier Baby Snuggler, Dyana

We use an assistant in our studio to help ensure the safety of your baby, and let’s be honest, to help me keep many aspects of my business together. She is literally my right arm most days and is also Santa Clarita Photographeryour go-to gal last minute to create a prop for a shoot the next morning.

Dyana comes to us with 13 years of experience with infants and children including being a director of Little Shepard’s Preschool before she left to have her own little girl. She has also worked in the photography industry on and off for 3.5 years so is familiar with all aspects of what we do here at BJP. Dyana enjoys Disney, movies, music and dancing (which is why Dirty Dancing is her favorite movie).


BJP’s Premiere Prop and Clothing Designer, Shannon

All of those cute little outfits and props you see in our portraits aren’t from, they’re handmade by my Santa Clarita Newborn Photographerbest friend, a mom herself, and an aunt to my own children. She diligently keeps up with industry standards and trends to bring us the best quality outfits and props for your little ones.

Shannon’s experience with her knitting needles and crochet hook spans decades. She picked up her first set of needles when she was 6 years old, knitting on and off until in 2010 when she started Rockarooz. Rockarooz was started because she wanted to work doing something she was passionate about all while having the flexibility to start a family. In early 2015 she began to niche herself into newborn photography props and continues the tradition of high quality hand made items now in the photography industry.


BJP’s Hair and Makeup Artist, Elana

Not feeling so gorgeous because you’re 8 months pregnant or just had a baby? It’s ok, we’ve got you covered! We offer hair and makeup to all of ours moms here at our home studio or in the comfort of your own home.

Elana’s resume is quite lengthy as she’s worked on a variety of projects ranging from local to international music videos, feature films, photo shoots, printer advertising, red carpet events, weddings, and Halloween events. She’s capable of doing the very simple to intricate special effects.

Contact us to book her and also check out her portfolio on Instagram at @ElanaRoseMUAH


BJP’s Cake Artist, Melanie

All of those yummy cakes you see a 1-year-old destroying on our social media are typically made by our very baker-headshot-hi-res1talented cake artist, Melanie. We work with her so much that she knows the perfect size for a smash and will also work with you directly on the design so it matches the theme of your cake smash session! And what’s even more perfect, is she will deliver straight to our studio so all you have to do is show up the day of your session!

Melanie’s experience started, like myself, as a second career. As her skills grew, she began training more extensively and doing what she loves most…giving back to the community with that experience. As her kids were born and began to grow her business began to evolve into what it is today.

Once you book with us, contact her directly to start the design on your cake. In the mean time, check out her portfolio on her website.

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