Santa Clarita Photographer, Specializing in Newborn, Maternity, Baby, Children, and Family

Welcome to the BJP home studio!  We are an accredited professional, published, safety-certified, boutique, full-service, fine art photography studio, located in the Santa Clarita Valley (Northern Los Angeles), just off the 5 Freeway, 8 miles from central Valencia.  We invite you to learn about us and our studio, so sit back, relax, and read why you should choose us for the important events in your life!

Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer

What does your studio offer?

We offer various portrait styles (contact us if you don’t see something here), but our studio is exclusively trained and specializes in Newborn, Maternity, Baby’s First Year, Children, and Family. We are happy to offer different types of sessions depending on what you are looking for.

• Newborn

  • Fresh 48 Session
  • Lifestyle (Documentary) Session or
  • Studio Session

• Maternity, Baby’s First Year (Milestone), Children, and Family

  • Outdoor Session
  • Studio Session or
  • Lifestyle (Documentary) Session

Why should I choose Bella Jeanne Photography, Santa Clarita Newborn Photographer?

  • Our number one priority with your session is the safety of your babyWe are the first studio in the state of California to receive our Newborn Photography Safety Certification from the American Association of Newborn Photography Safety (AANPS).
  • We are accredited professionals. We’ve received our professional photography accreditation from Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI).
  • Our education comes from seminars, workshops, classes and conventions with the premier photographers in our field who are qualified in instructing newborn safety for other photographers. Our certification comes from the American Association of Newborn Photography Safety (AANPS).
  • Our studio is a Safe Studio which means we only practice posing and placement of the baby that will be safe for them and their tiny little bodies.
  • We are also a supporter and are part of the funding for the backing of StandInBaby™,  which is a revolutionary and realistic safety training aid for newborn photographers.
  • Here are a handful of workshops we’ve taken with top photographers for safety education:
    • Baby Safety and Posing for Newborn Photographers (Kelly Brown, Stephanie Robin)
    • Posing Newborns and Siblings (Kelly Brown)
    • Newborn Safety (Stephanie Robin)
    • Beautiful and Simple Posing (Kelly Brown)
    • Newborn Photography Bootcamp (Kelly Brown)
    • Newborn Inspired Workshop (Julie Rollins)
  • We will reschedule your session if we are sick or have sick children around our home studio. If our illness will not pass in a typical matter, we will schedule you with an associate photographer who is equally as qualified as we are.aid for photographers. Starting this year we will be using this as a training aid for our studio.
  • AHALogo_full_red_blk@2xWe are BLS (Basic Life Saving) trained in Adult and Infant CPR by the American Heart Association.
  • We are up to date with our TDaP (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough)) immunizations and receive our adult boosters as recommended by the CDC every ten years. We received our recommended MMR vaccinations as children and are currently not required to receive a booster (CDC).
  • Every fall we receive our Influenza shot so we are protected during the winter months. Sometimes during the winter months you will see us wear a mask if we’ve previously been in contact with someone that is ill. This is to protect your baby and you just in case we’ve been exposed.
  • We ask that if you, your baby, or your older children are sick that you reschedule with us. If they come into our studio they risk infecting other newborns that also come to our studio. If the session has started and we notice that someone is sick, you may be charged a $50 rescheduling fee for not abiding by this. Again, our top priority is the safety of the newborns that come into our studio.


StandinBaby-Safety_AdvocateProud backer and supporter of StandInBaby™


What’s the advantage of doing my session in-studio?

You have full access to all of our props, backdrops, and the best lighting for your session.


Will baby be comfortable there?

Absolutely!  We keep our studio around 80 degrees since their little bodies have a hard time regulating outside of the womb.  We also have a space heater we use at a safe distance from them while we are posing them.  For your convenience, we also have a changing table, bibs, wipes, poppy feeding pillow, burp cloths, a diaper genie, swaddling blankets, and a refrigerator for breast milk or formula.

What types of products do you use in your studio?

We use all chemical and alcohol-free products.  We launder everything in All Free and Clear, use chemical-free baby wipes, and alcohol-free hand sanitizer.  We wash our hands several times during the session and also use hand sanitizer.  We also do not wear any makeup or use any scented lotions or perfumes the day of your session.

Do you have props?

We love props! And we have plenty of them! Our style is more rustic, vintage and neutral, but we have lots of options for you to choose from. When you come to our studio we will have you pick out the colors you like best that will match with your home and what props are your style. We have hats, pants, wraps, headbands, tiebacks, buckets, bowls, baskets, even a miniature baby bed! 

**Please note: We are here to capture and ensure the safety of your newborn. Our studio is stocked with infant safe props. If your family has a special request to bring a prop we are open to fulfilling your imaging dreams for your baby, but please know if we feel the prop would be un-safe for your newborn, we will have to decline the use of said prop.  Again, this would be done for the safety of your child.  

Will I have time to feed baby?

Of course!  The session is very laid back and casual and allows for plenty of time for feeding, changing, rocking, and snuggling.  And we have plenty of experience in all of these categories, so we are more than happy to help while you rest.


About Me, Owner and Principal Photographer, Megan

I’m a wife, daughter, mom of two silly, fun, and crazy little girls, a Disney lover who enjoys wine, a foodie that loves to travel, a gal that loves all things vintage, floral, and rustic, a coffee-obsessed, acoustic and live music loving curvy girl.

I’ve had a strong interest in cameras since I was a little girl and I’ve always been more of the “artsy” type. I’m horrible with numbers and would rather craft, scrapbook, or design all day long before sitting and crunching numbers. In around 2003-2004 I began to get a strong interest in Travel Photography and began taking big trips or just day trips to just shoot what I thought was pretty. I did that for years and even sold some of my images online and to clients. In 2013 BJP was officially born and I began taking on clients as a second source of income while my husband was in school. I never imagined it would be where it is today, and I have so many hopes and dreams for the future!



BJP Lead Assistant, Blogger, and Premier Baby Snuggler, Dyana

We use an assistant in our studio to help ensure the safety of your baby. Dyana comes to us with 13 years oSanta Clarita Photographerf experience with infants and children including being a director of Little Shepard’s Preschool before she left to have her own little girl. She has also worked in the photography industry on and off for 3 years so is familiar with all aspects of what we do here at BJP. Dyana enjoys Disney, movies, music and dancing (which is why Dirty Dancing is her favorite movie).





Why babies?

It’s simple: I LOVE BABIES.  This is such a fleeting time and it becomes such a blur in those first 2 months.  Santa Clarita Newborn PhotographerTo be able to provide a family with images that will forever hang in their homes, is something that is personal and means an incredible amount to me. I wish I had images like these of my two children.  Babies are also so peaceful for me.  When I’m working with them I am truly in my happy place chatting with parents and rocking a little one to sleep. There’s no other experience like it, especially when you reveal the images to their parents and see how happy they are to have these forever. There’s no other job I’d want to do!

Is your studio a legit business?

Yes, we are!  We have insurance and are an official tax-paying business. In addition, we are a limited liability company (LLC) and our state resale license is on display in our studio.

Have some more questions for us, no problem! Contact us here!



BJP is proud to support Newborn Safety in the Photography Community. We are a backer and supporter of the revolutionary newborn photographer safety training aid, StandInBaby™.



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